CNC Milling

The equipment we use at H&I is certainly state-of-the-art. Upgrading our CNC milling department to the latest technologies is an ongoing process.

CNC Turning

Capable of fabricating components measuring 0.050″ – 3.5″ in diameter and .050″ – 12″ in length, with tolerances as precise as ±0.0001″. We work with aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and many types of steel, including the more difficult-to-machine hardened alloys. Our machining processes include OD turning and forming, internal and external threading, as well as part face, end, and cross-diameter work.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our facility works with a full range of materials including aluminum (sheet stock and extrusions), cold rolled/galvanized and stainless steel, copper and fiberboard. Our expertise resides in CNC, punching, brake forming, saw and laser cutting, drilling and tapping, line-graining, welding (MIG, TIG and Spot), milling (3- and 4-axis) and hardware insertion. We use an environmentally friendly, closed-loop system for chemical filming. Our capabilities include clear and gold iridite, passivation, anodization and plating.
  • 1 Miltronic VM-16
  • 30″ X 12″ CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • 1 Bridgeport Milling Machine
  • 1 Haas High Speed (10,000 RPM) VMC
  • 1 Haas SL-20 CNC Lathe 8” Chuck
  • 23” X 9.5” Swing. Fully Programmable Tailstock. Parts Catcher
  • 1 Omniturn GT-75 Gang Tool CNC Lathe
  • 1 Omniturn Retrofit Gang Tool CNC Lathe
  • 1 Hardinge SV-150 CNC Lathe Fully Programmable Tailstock
  • 1 Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
  • 1 Hardinge DSM-59 Second Operation Lathe
  • 1 Samsung SL20/500 CNC Lathe with Programmable Tailstock
  • 1 Surface Grinder Max-0
  • 1 Agathon Carbide Tool Grinder
  • 1 Cuttermaster Tool Grinder
  • 1 4 – Spindle Clausing Drill Press
  • 3 Single – Spindle Drill Presses
  • 2 Sunnen MBB-1660 Honing Machines
  • 3 Tumblers
    -2 Vibrating, -1 Barrel